A simple activity to reflect on performed actions or meetings, that taps into own’s doings/thoughts. This activity is based on one simple idea, that:

+ Roses are what we did right, something we are happy about, positive things.
+ Thorns are the negative things, something that we’re not proud of.
+ Buds are all those things that have the potential to bloom into roses.

The activity is very simple and takes between five and ten minutes, depending on how much reflection you’d like to introduce (or what the topic is).


Simple walkthrough:
1. Make sure that your group knows well enough what they’re reflecting on. Is this about the recent project (like a retro), a single task, or maybe something deeper like team relations?
2. Explain the significance of the rose, thorn, and bud. Give them a sec to understand.
3. Silent brainstorming: everyone reflects and notes down their own roses, thorns, and buds. If needed, they can also jot down the reasons why they think that.
4. Sharing: everyone shares their own insights. It’s easy to categorize them if needed (maybe you’d like to see if the group thinks alike on the topic?), and discuss why they perceive those particular moments to be positive/negative/hopeful.
5. Discussion: if the group is welcoming, it might be worth to discuss and share positive insights/comments concerning negative points of someone else.
6. Summary: ask about the energy levels. Does the group feel motivated, happy with their findings and advice? Do they want to follow up or change some of them?
7. Extension: you can lead that exercise into a problem-solving session for the identified buds!