Like with literally everything else, design thinking has supporters as well as adversaries. It’s easy with supporters – the logical ones see the benefits but try to tackle all the hurdlings as well. And I strongly believe that those who oppose have their arguments too. I’d like to research what those questions and accusations are exactly so I can explain how they relate to design thinking and if I think they have any value. Challenge accepted!

You can read the critical articles and watch the videos yourself to form your own opinion. But I also ask you to read more about the positivity of design thinking (you can start with the Design Thinking Starter Kit, just click here!). I will later take an attitude towards the most common negative points made in those.

Natasha Jen: Design Thinking is Bullsh*t

If Google Image search is your sole barometer, “design thinking uses just one tool: 3M Post-Its,” says Pentagram partner Natasha Jen. “Why did we end up with a single medium? Charles and Ray Eames worked in a complete lack of Post-It stickies. They learned by doing.”

Natasha Jen: Six questions for design thinkers.

During her Design Indaba Conference talk she expands on her thinking since declaring: Design Thinking is Bullshit. Graphic designer and Pentagram partner, Natasha Jen, gave a talk last year called ‘Design Thinking is Bullshit’ that caused quite a stir.

Why Do Design Thinking Projects Fail? – Innovation Advice By AJ&Smart

Why Do Design Thinking Projects Fail? – Innovation Advice By AJ&Smart FREE DESIGN SPRINT WEBCLASS – Sign up here: Sign up for our newsletter and get our “Intro to Design Sprints” : Jon was in Tokyo & in amongst a heavy ramen & alcohol consumption schedule he still found time to give us a classic rant on Design Thinking & its limitations.