Welcome to lateral thinking riddles! Lateral thinking – looking at things from the most unobvious perspective, connecting weird dots – expands your creativity and helps you become a better innovator. Because creativity is a muscle, it can be trained! This series is a series of riddles that will spark crazy thinking and help you exercise your brain, and expand your lateral thinking skills. You can access all published riddles under this tag, just click here: riddle me wednesday.
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A man lies face down in the middle of a field, dead, wearing a backpack. A few seconds before his death, the man knew he was about to die. There are no objects of importance in the field nor is the field unusual in any way. The man was not killed by a person or animal, nor did he kill himself. The man was perfectly healthy right up until the moment he died. He did not die from natural causes (e.g. old age, heart attack, health condition) nor did he die from poisoning or allergy. He was not killed by an act of God (e.g. lightning, hail). The contents of his backpack did not cause his death. How DID he die?

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While the contents of his backpack did not cause his death, his death does have to do with the backpack somehow.

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The man was parachuting and his backpack did not open.