Dear Atlassian,

I tried to find words to express how much we are alike, and I failed (or maybe I didn’t…?). I tried to describe my excitement about how we can work together and be better, and support each other! I tried, and the below are the fruits of my labor, enjoy!

As I can’t talk to you face to face yet, please allow me to introduce myself!

Now that you know a bit about me let me show you a little piece of what I’ve done as an ID. It’s a short walkthrough of an e-learning module I’ve created. Sadly, it can only be accessed after purchasing the program, so I’ve made a brief presentation for you to take a look at some of my skills.

And because I’m creative (ha!), and I absolutely love slam poetry (double ha!), I also decided to express my thoughts in the form of a cheesy poem… Listen and laugh! And… can you spot all the Easter eggs (triple ha!)?

And, sadly, we have reached the end of this comedic video series. I hope I have let you in on how I work and what my future goals for greatness are. Fingers crossed you will believe in me and in my willingness to learn, create practical things, and be a part if something great.

Sincerely Yours,

Gosia Pytel

Design thinking whiz, eLearning shark, constantly curious question asker. Traveling ginger that never stops