Inspiration: Anna Akana (YouTube videos)

One of my favorite YouTubers is Anna Akana and her comedy/life commentary channel. It’s not a vlog or a skit channel, but it deals with life and laughter via short videos or short films. Anna focuses on dealing with simple, everyday problems in a funny manner. She addresses issues such as mental health, suicide, self-confidence, self-care, and many more, in an eloquent and insightful manner. She thinks about each topic and is interested in all the covered issues personally, and then shows her own point of view. And her opinions frequently align with what I think, or what I consider/think about currently. It’s truthful, clear, inspiring, and logical, and – if I wasn’t clear enough – funny! They talk about important stuff, give intelligent advice in a funny way! Brava!

I also like her channel from the technical standpoint: the videos are quite fast-paced, short, and illustrated with various doodles and drawings. They feel like just a tidbit of practical knowledge a day!

Take a look below at two of my favorite videos made by Anna Akana. The themes are confidence and mental health, but see how she tackles them in an open and humane way.