Privacy and Cookie Policy

Version 3. Last modified: 14th of May, 2020

This website (,, any subdomains of both, affiliated websites or applications, and any services available, including mobile versions)(referred to as "website") is a copyrighted work owned and operated by Gosia Pytel and any appointed representatives (referred to as "Gosia Pytel," or "we," or "me," or "I").
This policy addresses any person or company that does business with Gosia Pytel, visits this website, signs up for a newsletter, contacts Gosia Pytel via this website or email (at any addresses), or decides to download any information/documents from this website (collectively referred to as "you," or "your," or "yours").
By accessing the website you confirm that you have read and agree to the below privacy and cookies policy ("policy").
In addition, you confirm that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, presented here: Both of the above constitute a legal agreement between me and you. Your use of this website means that you accept both policies.

I respect and recognize your privacy. This privacy policy describes how I collect, use, share your data.

1. Gosia Pytel is the administrator of this website.

2. I may collect your data if you participate in any events that I organize or recommend, apply for a job or work for me, request consultation, or contact me or any affiliated people/organization.

3. I collect and use your data to:
+ Provide any services we agreed to (workshops, consultations, mentoring, problem-solving sessions, or more).
+ Inform you about any events I organize or participate in.
+ Send you my newsletter or any information I value important.
+ Answer your queries (asked via any form of contact).
+ Perform marketing or advertising actions.
+ Execute any actions required by the law.

I don’t make any decision about the automatic processing of your data.

4. You have the right to:
+ Check what information about you I collect.
+ Access, change and erase your data.
+ Limit the use of your data.
+ Opt-out from receiving any information you’re not interested in.

5. I don’t transfer, share, or sell your data to other people or institutions, unless:
+ You agreed for your data to be transferred, shared, or sold.
+ Data transfer, sharing, or selling is required for me to provide services we agreed to.
+ It’s required by the law of any kind.

5.1. Currently, I use the services of MailerLite to send out the newsletter. This means that your name and email address are stored and maintained by MailerLite. Your consent to do so was requested when you signed up, but you can cancel anytime. Here is MailerLite Privacy Policy.

6. I don’t transfer, share, or sell data outside the European Economic Area (EEA) unless it’s required to deliver any services we agreed on. In this case, I promise that I do my best to protect your data according to Chapter 5 of the GDPR policy.

7. I store your data for as long as needed to deliver any services we agreed on, or for a period defined by the law. If your data was gathered after an agreement, it’s stored until you withdraw your agreement.

8. I use cookies – small text files that are placed on your machine to help the site provide a better user experience. Cookies do not tell me anything about who you are, but this website can access them if needed.

9. This website can place cookies on your device, and access them later to:
+ Gather statistical data about how this website is used.
+ Analyze this information to provide the optimized user experience.
+ Perform marketing or advertising actions.
+ Display information tailored to your profile (e.g. via Google).
+ Make sure this website displays and works correctly.

10. You can turn off the cookies completely, or limit their storage, or configure them to be deleted after you close this website. However, if you do that, this website can display and work incorrectly.

11. I use few technologies to see what goes on this website:
+ Google Analytics – to analyze website statistics.
+ Facebook Conversion Pixel – to manage ads on Facebook and lead re-marketing campaigns.

12. When you access and use this website:
+ Programming queries are exchanged between this website, your device, and the host server.
+ Those queries can be saved and stored in the server logs.

Data saved in the server logs is not considered personal data as it cannot be used to identify you.

13. You have the right to report any misuse of your data to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.

14. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy or other aspects of this website or would like to correct, update, or erase data provided to me, please email me at