L&D professional and UX researcher

with workshop facilitation and Design Sprint skills

I boost innovation by addressing real needs and redesigning processes. I help teams grow and collaborate by waking up their curiosity, confidence, and courage. I drive success by cultivating partnerships, imagination, and logical structures.

L&D professional & UX Researcher

Some of my projects:

Exploring educational solutions (conference)

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Re-invent Meetings during Covid-19, Nov 2020

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Don’t code the (eLearning) content – soap! 2019 techcomm conf

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I’m a teacher and design sprint facilitator

Design Sprint Process

And this is Design Sprint. It’s a time-bound and structured process used to solve complex problems in a focused way. It draws from design thinking, qualitative testing, rapid prototyping, and creativity to offer an effective and innovative problem-solving tool. But don’t worry, you don’t have to know this! It’s enough that *I’m* a pro!

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