Asynchronous conference iDesign Learning 2018

I love all initiatives, especially the ones where I can dish about design thinking! iDesign Conference was an event held totally online, devoted to all things eLearning, and using one of the eLearning tools (Canvas Instructure). What a great idea already – let’s show the tool while using the tool. Folks at iDesign Learning have a few other events before as well, so it was clear they mean business.


For the purpose of this event, titled „Design Thinking, Learning Analytics, and Universal Design,” I recorded a short video explaining how and why design thinking can be used in eLearning (or in learning design). There is a lot of overlap, and design thinking is really „easy to use” so this knowledge would come in handy to anyone interested in the more empathy-rooted approach.
As the event was accessible only for a certain period of time, below is the content I created, and you are free to watch! As always, send me a message if you have any questions, I love spreading design thinking awareness!