Bookshelf: „A Book of Brilliant Ideas” by The Brothers McLeod

„A Book of Brilliant Ideas” by The Brothers McLeod is one of the „fill it up with your scribbles” books. It doesn’t have a plot, characters, emotions, development… or maybe it does? The premise is simple: each page contains a „creative exercise or challenge” devised to help you exercise those creativity muscles – be it a coloring picture, join the dots exercise, draw whatever you want page, or else. There is no more to it – just pick the book and let yourself be a kid, be a free spirit, use any inspiration that comes to you.

The Brothers McLeod are Greg, an illustrator, and Myles, a writer. Both considered creative professions, and thorough the book Greg and Myles also share advice on how to power your mind to a creative level, and add some tips and tricks about it via short comic strips.

For me, having such a book with me helps me to get the juices flowing, and be a bit unfocused. Yes, usually you want to be focused – but when I want to be creative I find that focusing really limits my imagination. If I focus on drawing a dog, I can’t get past the usual way a dog looks like – but there are so many creatives ways! Having this book reminds me there are no limits, and in turn, I get more ideas!