Design Thinking Week 2015 (2nd edition), Krakow

I was over the moon hearing about the 2nd edition of Design Thinking Week! Though smaller than last year, equally – if not more – inspiring and engaging! Krakow participated again, and Innovation and Creativity Lab Foundation (Fundacja Laboratorium Innowacji I Kreatywności, FLIK for short) took the lead one more time, much to my happiness.




CaseLab – Best Practices in Business – how to apply design thinking in business. This workshop was based on successful real-life examples of why and how design thinking was introduced to various companies and allowed them to leverage their processes to create great products.


Design Thinking Board Game “Peasants’ Business School” – developed by PLEOskills, this board game is a business market simulator, set in the XIX century in a small Polish city, Andrychow. The goal is to use empathy to connect with the everyday then-life of peasants, think/imagine how life could have been back then, and create a UX app that would solve their problems. Great storyline that teaches empathy, problem definition, and prototyping while having fun.


Redesigning public space for the citizens – the project was focused to redesign a small public market square (food stall, lots of cars, strange traffic) in one the neighborhoods of Krakow. The invitation was most importantly extend to all that lived there, to encourage them and take part in forming/changing something that serves that, a place they see and visit every day. Collaborating with the citizens of the neighborhood, the city council, and design thinking consultants, a proposal was prepared and presented to the city council for further development.