Design Thinking Week 2017 (3rd edition), Krakow

Design Thinking Week is a week-long (d’oh) festival focused on design thinking (double d’oh) that takes places in many cities across Poland. 2017 held the third edition and as previously, it was organized by my NGO, Innovation and Creativity Lab Foundation (Fundacja Laboratorium Innowacji I Kreatywności, FLIK for short) in cooperation with other organizations. But this edition saw a big change – I took over the leadership! Yes, it was a big challenge, but I was ready and willing to put my brain to work. As a devoted fan, as well as the organizer of all the other editions, I had an understanding of how the festival worked, and with the connections between design thinkers in Krakow, a pretty nifty idea of what to include in 2017.




CaseLab – Best Practices in Business – how to apply design thinking in business. This workshop was based on successful real-life examples of why and how design thinking was introduced to various companies and allowed them to leverage their processes to create great products.


Hackaton “Design This for Krakow! – trying to come across people living in Krakow, trying to address their everyday concerns, pain points, and small disturbances that make them, in those moments of doubt, completely resent the city and wish for things to change. We wanted to offer that change and create an opportunity for the everyone – not only designers, architects or city officials – to have their say in how the city works.


Public speaking and design thinking, what do they have in common? – there is a way to leverage the teachings of design thinking to make your speech more engaging and exciting. This workshop showed how to use design thinking to plan and deliver a statement in a way that touches the audience.

Design thinking for business, a debate over the Internet – for this project we invited over such design thinking brains as Karolina Perrin, a designer from KarekDesign; Katy Kavanaugh, innovation consultant and our keynote speaker from Design Thinking 2014; and Weronika T. Adrian, co-founder of FLIK and university researcher. A discussion about applying design thinking in business, this long-distance, online-based meeting was also our own prototype of using this technique to bridge the gap between guests and listeners to take part in one event, no matter the location.

I invite you to take a look at this summary to get a better grasp of the 2017 edition, and a wider understanding of what the festival stands for.