Inspiration: Matt D’Avella and The Ground Up Show

The Ground Up Show” is a podcast for those bold enough to take the small steps – as the author Matt D’Avella says himself. And I like it! I like it because this tagline doesn’t put pressure on big names, important topics (important to whom, exactly?), and steps/habits you need to have to be successful (I always find that intimidating). Instead, Matt focuses on testing life. He thinks about his life and what he personally would like to achieve, and he takes steps to test it, and figure out how it works. And whether it’s a success or a failure – he’ll tell you about it.


Of course, not every topic will resonate with you – but that is applicable to any podcast/book/tv show/interview… But with The Ground Up Show, each topic offers some insights that are relevant to our lives. I like listening to Matt explaining his thoughts and reasonings.


In addition to a bunch of normal, up-to-date, but not-so-obvious topics and ideas Matt challenges, he also tries to get more knowledge and expand his views by interviewing people who (in the current definition) are successful, specialize in something and can be experts and share their knowledge, or just are interesting individuals. Those conversations are always true and calm, and there are both great and uncomfortable questions involved. There is advice, humor, emotions, doubts, and praise in any conversation Matt holds.

One of my favorite episodes is with another YouTuber I admire, Sara Dietschy. Sara is a filmmaker & podcaster that shares her passion for creating films and exploring the latest in tech. Matt and Sara talked cheerfully about finding happiness in simple things (yes, cheap things are cool too!), blowing up with the creative community fans (and how it changed their lives), and obviously about creating videos for YouTube. There is also a bit about recording rap parodies that can lead to court cases, haha!

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In addition, you can also watch Matt’s documentary about minimalism („Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things„) – check out the trailer on the right, and then you can watch it on Netflix or Vimeo.