Podcasts about design thinking (List 4)

Pretty straightforward. Below is a list of episodes that talk about design thinking. The bad, the good, all. Welcome to list number four!

Sigma Nutrition Radio – SNR #248: Kyra Bobinet, MD – Behaviour Change Through Design Thinking

HR DesignCast – Design Thinking in HR, Using Human Centered Design to create HR process – 02 – HR DesignCast

Happiness at Work – Using Design Thinking to get Unstuck

The McKinsey Podcast – The power of design-thinking

Mastering Business Analysis – MBA111: Design Thinking IS Good Business Analysis

HR DesignCast – Nicole Dessain – HR Design Thinking Consultant and CEO at Talent Imperative on Creativity in HR and Building HR Community

Australian Educators Online Network – Design thinking with Joanne Gadaleta

Turbitt & Duck: The Library Podcast – Episode 21: Edward Luca talks design thinking, why practitioner-researcher collaborations are important and Kate Bush

Cybersecurity Café – How we can imagine different futures for cybersecurity using design thinking

The Thinking.School Podcast – Innovation Podcast Episode 16 – Why Design Thinking?