TEDxKazimierz Adventure with Design Thinking

Talking about design thinking and how its mindsets can change the world is one of my favorite things to do. TEDxKazimierz was kind enough to ask me and Karolina Adamczak from graphic recording service Wizualna Karolina to host an open lightning workshop devoted to this methodology.

This wasn’t anything fancy, or a long-winded presentation of the toolkit. It was a fast, two-hour session to show the creative approach to problem-solving and instill the mindsets of design thinking. The session was informal and quick paced; based on Stanford’s d.school’s own Project 0 of re-designing a gift-giving experience gave the participants a different outlook on what „design” can be. Pretty much the entire groups expect the workshop to be based on a tangible re-design or problem and using design thinking to change their outlook at how experiences can be redesigned had a positive impact. The group was positively surprised, and most participants admitted they never looked at problems from this angle.

I was pleasantly shocked to see some of the participants attend our Design Thinking Week 2017 in Kraków later on. Most of them tried using design thinking after the short intro, but they still sought a more detailed and precise explanation of how to introduce design thinking to their lives. As a facilitator, I always shed a tear when the participants come back for more!


Read the review, both by one of the participants, Emilia Iskra:
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