The power of design thinking, part 3 of 3: Proven cases and more!

I’ve written a few words about why I think design thinking is different, untrivial, and interesting, just click here! If my word is not yet authoritative for you, despite my long-winded expertise, maybe the podcast below, from world-renown experts with McKinsey & Company – the brain behind McKinsey Quarterly, a business, development, and organizational theory magazine – would inspire some thinking!

From the podcast episode website, here comes the summary:

„Experience design is all about meeting customers where they want to be and creating products that improve the process of getting there. In this episode of the McKinsey Podcast, Hugo Sarrazin, a McKinsey director, and Jennifer Kilian, a digital vice president of McKinsey Digital Labs, talk with McKinsey’s Barr Seitz about what design (and design thinking – ed.) means, how it can drive change in an organization, and what companies stand to gain from making it a priority.”