Tool: Elephant in the Room (warm-up)

This exercise is a whole ton of fun! It can be a great break exercise, but it also serves a purpose, quite a few actually:

+ Helps to take the mind of the current issue.
+ Introduces a little bit of fun.
+ Taps into the kid-like approach.

This exercise can be used at any moment if you want to introduce a short creative break or illustrate the idea of creativity.


Elephant in the Room

  • Tool goal: sprak creativity, loosen up the atmosphere
  • No of participants: 1 facilitator; groups no limit
  • Time needed: max. 15 minutes
  • Supplies needed: A4 sheets of paper



  • Each participant receives a piece of paper (A4 works best, it really shouldn’t be smaller).
  • Holding the paper, ask the participants to put their hands behind their backs.
  • The task is to tear out an elephant from the paper, without looking.
  • * This is not easy, and usually, what comes out are strange blobs with uneven edges, but that’s perfectly ok! It’s fun to try and do it best you can!


As a result…

  • Your participants have a break for any brain-heavy stuff they were doing.
  • It can give inspiration and steer any ideation into a new direction.
  • Usually, because you can only get a vaguely-shaped blob, there is laughter and everyone relaxes.
  • It activates different part of the brain, so more power is generated.