UX Toolbox (interactive, in English)

  • 01/02/2024

Welcome to the interactive UX Toolbox! This Toolbox is a compilation of tools, methods, guidelines, or exercises that you can using during the UX process – but as well during Design Thinking, brainstorming, Discovery Workshop, or any workshop/creative discussion you’d like to have in a more organized manner. I will be adding new tools while I learn about them, so check periodically.

The tools are presented either as a list, or a board by the process phase – so you can easily search for a tool that would work at the moment you need it. Each tool will have a description, instructions how to use it, and other related materials linked, if applicable.

This toolbox is compiled in Notion, because Notion allows me to create one pager per tool, but show it in multiple process phases (instead of duplicating the tool page). If you have any tips, or would like to see a tool included – contact me, please! Thank you!

👉🏻 Go to 🧰 UX Toolbox (Public in Notion)