UX Toolbox (interactive, in English)

  • 01/02/2024

Welcome to the interactive UX Toolbox! This Toolbox is a compilation of tools, methods, guidelines, or exercises mainly linked to UX Research. In reality, they can be used in any workshop/creative discussion you’d like to have in a more organized manner. I will be adding new tools while I learn about them, so check periodically.

The tools are presented either as a list, or a board by the process phase (switch the view by buttons under the title). This way, you can easily search for a tool that would work for your particular purpose. Each tool will have a description, instructions how to use it, and other related materials linked, if applicable.

This toolbox is compiled in Notion for the ease of use. If you have any tips, spotted a mistake, or would like to see a tool included – contact me, please! Thank you!

👉🏻 Go to 🧰 UX Toolbox (Public in Notion)