Instructional Designer
Design Thinking Mentor

Do you want to learn how to solve problems creatively?
Would you like to inspire business innovation?
Are you looking to reframe your outdated processes?

Don’t worry, that’s why I’m here! I’m Gosia, and I help organizations reach their full potential in a true creative style! I build peoples’ confidence and curiosity by inspiring learning & innovation culture, boost innovation by redesigning processes, and fulfill projects by adopting design thinking!

Working alongside my clients, we always learn, design, and experiment together. We combine my experience of a teacher, knowledge manager, and an all-around “tell me how you feel” person with your stories, your views, and your background to provide creative alternatives that will teach to overcome obstacles and solve complex business challenges.

So reach out, and let’s get together and feel all right!

This is what I do







My projects

eLearning podcast, design thinking
Letnia Szkoła eLearningu, online, Summer 2018
quest speaker

design thinking festival
Design Thinking Week, Poland, May 2017
project leader, talk presenter

educational assembly
North Street School, New Zealand, Feb 2016
talk presenter

techcomm conference
soap! conf, Poland, May 2017
workshop leader, talk presenter

My work process

Let’s do something together!