eLearning Summer School 2018 Podcast

Hej, cześć!
Letnia Szkola eLearningu (eLearning Summer School) to edukacyjny podkast o e-learningu, szkoleniach i rozwoju, prowadzony przez Piotra Peszko. Podkast nagrywany jest w języku polskim. Jeśli chcesz przeczytać posty po polsku to kliknij tutaj, znajdziesz tam pełne opisy odcinków, w których uczestniczyłam. Dziękuję!

My good eLearning friend Piotr Peszko invited me to be a guest in his podcast. The kicker was, this was supposed to be a prototype project of an eLearning summer school distributed through audio, everywhere and for everyone. What a cool concept! Of course, I jumped at the chance, I just needed to wait for the occasion to present itself and… voila, two episodes about design thinking! It just had to happen, haha!


Design thinking, as versatile as it is, can be used/matched with the Instructional Design process very well. It teaches the creator to go be empathetic in finding out the real need/problem of the client. Leads both parties through an ideation phase to make sure that the best solution is given for the real, actual problem.


But something that makes design thinking stand out, even more, is the mindsets behind it, the way of thinking. Being courageous, inquisitive, open to ideas and to trying them out! Empathetic, sincere, and vulnerable. Without the leap forward, we’re not able to grow!


This podcast is in Polish, but don’t fret! Please go here to read more the basic concepts of design thinking: Design Thinking Starter Kit!