Exploring educational solutions (conference)

Hej, cześć! DT w Szkole (DT in School) to firma zajmująca się propagowaniem stosowania design thinking w „tradycyjnych” szkołach. Projekt prowadzony jest w języku polskim. Jeśli chcesz przeczytać posty po polsku to kliknij tutaj, znajdziesz tam pełny opis konferencji. Dziękuję!
I think it’s becoming evident that online learning will have a story place in the future of education. Therefore, it’s essential to learn about it, but also share how we, the professionals, make it happen. We need to spread the love to reap the benefits of eLearning! This conference was organized by DT w Szkole (DT in School), an org that teaches how design thinking can be utilized in schools. It placed a group of educators on one Internet line, so we could all learn from each other. There were various topics discussed, such as:  
  • Creativity in school
  • Educational platforms
  • Lean leaders at school
  • Agile education
  • eduScrum
  My talk was about why eLearning is not the future of education – at least not in the form that people (and school educators) often think. I explained why some „reasons” are unfounded, but also gave ideas how to successfully use some teachings of eLearning and plan good online classes.   For those who understand Polish, there is a possibility to but all the webinars and enjoy their content 24/7! You can buy them on the DT w Szkole website directly.